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*你的要点我把它归类在第四和第五那里。Be aware of your surroundings.You do not need to be obsessively vigilant on every little detail or go into paranoid fantasies. However, being aware will keep you from accidents and show potential criminals that you are paying attention.Avoid constantly texting, talking on your phone, or otherwise allow devices to make you oblivious to your surrounding.2.Avoid walking in unlit areas with little foot traffic, such as alleys or parks. While unfortunate things can happen even in well-lit areas, someone can attack you much more easily in a darkened area and it will be much harder to get help should you need it.3.Make sure someone knows where you are and what you are doing.If something happens to you, you definitely want to have at least one person who knows what you were doing and where you were going.If you have to walk somewhere at night, make sure that a friend or trusted person knows the route that you took. This way if something does happen to you they know where to start looking.4.Warm up before exercise.Warming up prior to exercise is extremely important to avoid injury. Having an injury occur is never a pleasant experience and one that you want to avoid. Sometimes,without warming up before workout will not only cause injuries but death,especially when one is having muscle cramp when swimming due to reluctancy of undergoing warm up exercise,he or she will have the possibility to die from drowning.5.Abide by the traffic rulesRoads are known as the jaw of death,therefore traffic rulesare in place to help protect you and others while operating a vehicle on the road.Follow the rules to ensure your own safety as well as the others.本回答被网友采纳

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显示连接上的WiFi的密码步骤:  1.打开手机设置界面,如下图。  2.选择WLAN,进入下图界面。  3.点击显示WiFi信号强度的有的像大于号的位置,如下图。  4.选择分享密码给朋友,得到二维码,再进行截屏保存到手机内存中。  5.用手机带二维码扫描功能的软件(微信,QQ,微博等),或下载个二维码扫描软件,就会显示密码。

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